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Autumn anthology joy

After a brief break for the last couple of weeks I am pleased to be back blogging again and even more so as I have some exciting news to share: the Autumn anthology, the latest in a wonderful series of books for the Wildlife Trusts is out now and again I am thrilled to have a piece of writing within its crisp, new pages!

Like the previous editions, this beautiful anthology is a mixed anthology of old and new works exploring the progression of autumn in our countryside and I was pleased to have a piece about the importance of the hedgerow during this season of fruitfulness accepted. I am particularly excited to be featured alongside such writing greats as Rev. Gilbert White, WB Yeats and Dylan Thomas as well as some wonderful present day writers like the editor Melissa Harrison, John Lewis-Stempel and Amy Liptrot. Once again though, I am lucky to find myself among friends as I know a number of other contributors.

The book is available through my website as well as a number of more widespread outlets and the money raised by its sale will benefit the Wildlife Trusts.