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I’ve got a brand new combine harvester…

…Actually I don’t, but I do have some new combine harvester images which I thought I’d share this week. It is a rather different subject to my usual wildlife photos but I always love watching the harvest, it reminds me of my childhood.


combine harvester


These images are from the fields around our house. My husband and I were watching from the end of the garden as a team of three combine harvesters and three accompanying tractors with trailers worked into the night to make the most of the weather. From our point of view they had picked the best time for it – the sunset intensified to a glorious glow.








This afternoon as I write the team are back, having baled the straw yesterday, they are now collecting the enormous bales with fancy self-loading trailers. In a matter of moments the crops which have been maturing for months are gone, and the cycle begins again.